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Nagoya University Atomic Energy Commission carefully discussed an appropriate, safe management of nuclear materials . In conclusion, it was necessary to establish the system (facility) that was able to be controlled intensively for nuclear materials of Nagoya University .

Main activities
  1. Intensive storage of the nuclear materials and the waste contaminated by the nuclear materials .
  2. R&D for establishment of the system of accountancy, control and reuse of the nuclear materials .
  3. Education and training for use and storage of the nuclear materials for staffs and students .

Storage :

  • At Nagoya University, wastes contaminated by nuclear materials are storing at the facility and the other controlled area .
  • When it is no scheduled to use the spent nuclear materials, those are able to be stored at the facility .
R&D :
  • Nuclear materials online management system has been running .
Education & Training :
  • In the lecture, it introduces use and the management method of nuclear materials in other facilities .
About nuclear materials 1 management
Nuclear materials online management system for K-facilities 2 has been running since 2005 . Quick links(MS-nm (Management system for nuclear materials))
Please input necessary matters to this system when you move and/or use 3 nuclear materials .
  1. There is a law different from other radioactive materials in Japan . ( Law for the Regulations of Nuclear Source Material, Nuclear Fuel Material and Reactors ) The objective of this law is management of weight of nuclear materials that contains radiation protection .
  2. K is an initial of the MBA (Material Balace Area) code .
  3. It is necessary to report the inventory change of nuclear materials to the government office every 6 months .